The perfect Aeropress recipe and brew guide

What makes the AeroPress ideal for me?

One of the simplest and most popular coffee brewing methods, it was invented by Alan Adler – the Stamford University engineering instructor who gave us the Aerobie Pro flying ring.

Due to the unique brewing method it creates a rich, smooth coffee without bitterness, and a remarkably low acidity. It’s really quick, and makes between 1 to 3 cups in about a minute. Use it for espresso-style coffee or add water for a classic Americano. If you’re an outdoorsy person, it’s small and lightweight – ideal for travel or camping!

“If I were a robot, the AeroPress would be my arm”  Charlene de Busere, 2012 World AeroPress Champion

The basics:

Yield: 1 cup
15-18 grams of finely ground coffee (a slightly finer texture than sea salt) or pre-ground filter coffee
200g/ml of approximately 94˚C water
Overall Brew Time 2:00 minutes

You’ll need:

AeroPress Filters
Coffee cup

Optional but useful:

Digital Scale

Let’s do it

1. Insert the filter


Put the filter in the filter cap, wet it with some water to make it stick and twist the filter on to the chamber

2. Pop the coffee in



Put the brewer on your cup, fill the chamber with one scoop or 15-18 grams of ground coffee, and give it a little shake to level it up

3. Time for the water


Fill with 80°C water until it reaches the Level 1 on the chamber. Give it a good stir for around 10 seconds

4. Plunge!

Insert the plunger and press gently. If you feel resistance slow down, the key is to almost let it fall, not force it. Keep going until the plunger reaches the grounds.

5. Clean up


Unscrew the filter cap, push the plunger all the way to pop out the used coffee and give it all a good rinse.

6. Add water and enjoy!


For an espresso style coffee, drink it as is. For an americano, add water to your taste. For a cappuccino or latte, do your thing with the milk and enjoy!

Do you want AeroPress Video Instructions?

We’ve got it covered

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