How to brew coffee using a Chemex | The perfect Chemex recipe

Beautiful, simple, and great for brewing for a few friends.

The Chemex coffeemaker was invented in 1941 by the eccentric chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm (don't ask us how you pronounce that) who spent most his time inventing things ranging from cocktail shakers to cars. No doubt he was fuelled by coffee. He focused on making everyday objects more functional, attractive and enjoyable to use. The Chemex was one of his brighter ideas and has remained virtually unchanged since the 40's.  Every serious coffee drinker needs at least one of these.

Chemex Brew Guide and Instructions


The basics:

Yield: around 6 cups
44g of coarsely ground coffee (the consistency of rough sand) or pre-ground filter coffee
800g/ml of approximately 94˚C water
Overall Brew Time 4:00 minutes

You’ll need:

6-8 Cup Chemex
Chemex Filter
Digital scale
Coffee cup

Optional but useful:




Let’s do it

1. Prep the filter

Preparing the filter on a Chemex brewer

Open the Chemex filter into a cone shape so that one side of the cone has three layers and place it into the brewer, with the thick triple-layer section over the pouring spout

2. Rinse the filter

Rinsing the filter on a chemex brewer

Rinse the filter out using the hot water, and then pour it out.  This gets rid of any paper taste and pre-warms the Chemex brewer.  If your cups are cold, now's a good chance to heat them too!

3. Add the coffee

Adding the coffee to a Chemex brewer

Grind 44 grams of coffee, or use pre-ground filter coffee, and add it to the filter.  Give it a little shake or tap to settle the grounds nice and level.

4. The first pour

The first pour with a Chemex coffee brewer

Nice and gently start pouring in 80 grams of 94˚C water, or water just off the boil.  It helps to pour in circles from the outside in.  This is the first pour out of four.

5. Stir if required

Stirring coffee in a Chemex coffee brewer

Give the grounds a little stir if they're not completely wet and wait for 30 seconds.  The coffee will start bubbling deliciously.  This is called blooming and is caused by gases escaping from the coffee when heated.  Blooming marvellous.

6. Keep pouring

Pouring water in a Chemex coffee brewer

Complete the remaining three pours in batches of 240 grams of water each time, until you've poured a total of 800 grams including the bloom.  Pour each batch in a gentle, circular motion as before, trying not to disturb the coffee too much.  Wait until most the water has gone before adding the next batch.

7. Swirl and serve

Pouring coffee from a Chemex coffee brewer

Lift out the paper, give it a quick swirl to aerate the coffee and enjoy!

Wondering which coffee to use?  For something rare, special and unique, you must the the Malawi AA Pamwamba Estate single origin beans.  Looking for a massive caffeine hit? Give the High Caffeine Blend a go.  Making a bedtime cuppa?  You'll love The Decaf Blend Swiss Water decaf beans.  Happy brewing!



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