How to brew coffee using a Clever Dripper | The perfect Clever Dripper recipe and instructions

Simple, easy and almost foolproof.  Clever indeed.

Arguably the perfect way to make a coffee.  Although it looks like a Hario V60, this cunning little gadget is a cross between a V60 brewer and a cafetiere.  Easy and consistent like a cafetiere, but bright, clear and clean like a V60.  The valve in the bottom holds the water until you pop it on your cup or mug and it releases the coffee.

Clever dripper brew guide instructions


The basics:

Yield: 1 cup
15g of coarsely ground or pre-ground filter coffee (that's one heaped tablespoon)
250/ml of approximately 94˚C water
Overall Brew Time 4:00 minutes

You’ll need:

A Clever Dripper
Clever Dripper Filter
Your favourite coffee mug

Optional but useful:

Digital timer
Digital scales


Let’s do it

1. Prepare the filter

Preparing the filter for a clever dripper

Heat your water to approximately 94°C.  Put the filter in the dripper, and put the dripper on the mug.  Wet the filter to remove any paper taste and to warm the mug.  When you're done discard the water.

2. Add the coffee

Adding ground coffee to a clever dripper

Pop the dripper on the scales if you're using them and weigh out 15g of coffee, or one heaped tablespoon.

3. Add the water

Pouring water into a clever dripper

Start the timer and add 250g of water and stir for around 15 seconds. Put the lid on and wait (patiently!) until around 2:15 on your timer

4. Draw down

Freshly brewed coffee drawing down from a Clever Dripper

Put the Clever Dripper on your mug to allow the coffee to draw through, this can take a couple of minutes.  When it's done, take the dripper off the mug and enjoy!

For a really special Single Origin Dark Roast, try this with the Indonesia Aceh Gayo beans, or for something light and fruity give the Americas Light Blend a go.  Making a bedtime cuppa?  You'll love The Decaf Blend Swiss Water decaf beans.  Happy brewing!


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