How to make cold brew coffee using a Filter-in Coffee Bottle | The perfect iced coffee cold brew recipe

Crisp, cold, uber-clear and zingy.

One of the simplest ways of making iced coffee, cold brew is incredibly forgiving and simple to make.  Much nicer than making a hot espresso and diluting it with water, this brings out the smooth, clear sweetness of coffee without any bitterness.  Give it a go, you'll never look back.

Cold Brew Coffee brew guide and recipe


The basics:

Yield: 750 ml or approximately 4 servings
55g of coarse ground (like kosher salt) or pre-ground filter coffee
750g/ml of approximately of cold filtered water
Overall Brew Time 8-15 hours 

You’ll need:

Cold Brew Bottle
Digital Scale

Optional but useful:



Let’s do it

1. Grind and weigh your coffee

Grinding and weighing coffee for cold brew

Weigh out 55g of coffee and coarsely grind it, or just use filter coffee if you don't have a grinder

2. Add the coffee

Adding coffee to cold brewer

Twist open the filter, add the coffee to the bottom compartment and reattach the top of the filter.

3. Attach the top of the bottle

Screwing the lid on the cold brew bottle

Twist the filter into the top of the cold brew bottle, and then attach the filter and top of the bottle to the glass bottle.

4. Add the water

Adding water to the cold brew

Open the silicone cap and slowly pour in the cold water.  Put the cap on again and give it a gentle shaking.

5. Let it brew

Cold brew coffee steeping

Let it brew for 8-15 hours.  Experiment with shorter or longer times to suit your taste.

7. Shake it and pour, then enjoy!

Cold brew coffee pouring into glass

Shake it gently to stir the coffee, remove the filter and coffee grounds and pour it over ice. Now enjoy an amazing cold brew.  Keep it in the fridge for up to 3 days - assuming it lasts that long!

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