How to brew coffee using a Hario V60 Dripper | The perfect pour over recipe

Quite possibly one of the nicest rituals in life is making a pour over coffee.

The Hario V60 or pour over coffee maker is one of the world's best-loved ways of brewing a coffee, and it's used by 1000's of professionals and home coffee lovers.  The distinctive cone shape let hot water flow towards the centre, allowing water to stay in contact with the grounds longer.  The distinctive spiral ribs create a layer between the paper and the dripper, preventing the paper sticking which lets the air through and allows the ground to extract properly.  Well worth playing around until you get it brewing exactly as you like it.

Hario V60 Brew Guide and Recipe


The basics:

Yield: 1 Cup
13g of coarsely ground coffee (the consistency of rough sand) or pre-ground filter coffee
300g/ml of approximately 94˚C water
Overall Brew Time 4:00 minutes

You’ll need:

V60 Coffee Dripper
V60 Filter Papers
Digital scale
Coffee cup or your favourite serving vessel

Optional but useful:




Let’s do it

1. Prep and rinse the filter

Preparing the filter on a Hario V60

Put the folded filter in the brewer and rinse it out using hot water, and then pour it out.  This gets rid of any paper taste and pre-warms the cup or serving pot. 

2. Add the coffee

Adding ground coffee to a Hario V60

Add 13 of ground coffee to the brewer.  Give it a little tap or shake to level it up.

3. The first pour

The first pour in a Hario V60 brewer

Nice and gently start pouring in 40 grams of 94˚C water, or water just off the boil.  It helps to pour in circles from the inside out.  This is the first pour out of four.

5. Stir if required

Stirring the coffee in a Hario V60 drip brewer

Give the grounds a little stir if they're not completely wet and wait for 30 seconds.  The coffee will start bubbling deliciously.  This is called blooming and is caused by gases escaping from the coffee when heated.  Blooming beautiful.

6. Keep pouring

Pouring water in a Hario V60

Complete the remaining three pours in batches of 60 grams of water each time, until you've poured a total of 220 grams including the bloom.  Pour each batch in a gentle, circular motion as before, trying not to disturb the coffee too much.  Allow approximately 20-30 seconds between each pour.  Be patient here and don't rush it!

7. Swirl and serve

Pouring freshly brewed coffee from a Hario V60 brew

Lift out the paper, give it a quick swirl to aerate the coffee and enjoy!

Can't decide what beans to use?  For something ethical, refreshing and super-unique, you must try the Rwanda Agraciro 1 Smallholder single origin beans.  Looking for a massive caffeine hit? Give the High Caffeine Blend a go.  Making a bedtime cuppa?  You'll love The Decaf Blend Swiss Water decaf beans.  Happy brewing!



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