How to brew coffee using a Moka Pot (stovetop coffee)  | The perfect Moka Pot recipe

It's simple, easy to use and makes a strong, viscous espresso with no electricity or fancy gear.  Great for camping!

This little eight-sided piece of Italian engineering is the best thing to come out of Italy, pizza included.  Bullet proof and simple, the Moka Pot has been our faithful friend for many years!  Plus the happy gurgling sound it makes when as it does its thing is just epic.

Moka Pot Brew Guide and Instructions

The basics:

Yield: 3 cups
20-22g of finely ground coffee, or pre-ground filter coffee
Overall Brew Time 5:00 minutes

You’ll need:

A 3-cup Moka Pot

Optional but useful:

Digital scales


Let’s do it

1. Add boiling water

Adding hot water to a Moka Pot to pre heat

Boil your water and fill the bottom half of your Moka Pot with freshly boiled water.  This isn't essential if you don't have a kettle but it does give it a little kick start.

2. Add the coffee

Adding ground coffee to a Moka Pot

Fill the Moka Pot's filter basket with the ground coffee and give it a little knock and shake to level it off.  Don't pack it down - this can cause it to over-extract.  Now put the filter basket into the bottom compartment.

3. Put the two halves together

Assembling a Moka Pot

Screw the top half onto the bottom half.  But be careful!  The bottom half will be hot from the boiling water.

4. Stove time

Moka Pot on the Stovetop

Put it on a stove set on a medium heat.

5. Brew time!

Moka Pot freshly brewed

When the water in the bottom begins to boil the pressure will push the coffee slowly through the upper chamber.  If it pops and splutters too forcefully, the water is too hot and it will need to be turned down.  If it bubbles too lethargically, turn up the heat.  It's done when you hear a hissing, bubbling noise.

6. Enjoy!

Coffee brewed in a Moka Pot ready to serve

Take it off the heat and enjoy!

Can't decide what beans to use?  For something ethical, refreshing and super-unique, you must try the Rwanda Agraciro 1 Smallholder single origin beans.  Looking for a massive caffeine hit? Give the High Caffeine Blend a go.  Want a brilliant all-rounder?  You'll love The Rainforest Medium Blend beans.  Happy brewing!


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