Mr & Mrs Mill Nespresso alternative coffee capsule pods


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If you’ve been disappointed by your coffee capsule supplier so far, it’s time to take back control of your coffee and make the switch to Mr & Mrs Mill.

Unique capsule technology, slow roasting and a commitment to sustainability and recycling make Mr & Mrs Mill a winning combination.  


K-fee capsule machines certification and credentials


.Mr & Mrs Mill coffee capsule technologyMr & Mrs Mill slow roasted coffeeMr & Mrs Mill UTZ Certified and recyclable coffee capsules.


Smart Brew capsule technology for the perfect pressure

Every style of coffee needs a particular extraction pressure to get the best out of every single capsule.  Mr & Mrs Mill capsules by K-fee use Smart Brew technology and a variable pressure to extract the most possible flavour.  The flavours are sealed in the capsules with less than 1% oxygen, giving you the best and freshest coffee.

Slow Roasted for the ultimate flavour

Coffee roasting takes time, and it shouldn’t be rushed.  Mr & Mrs Mill coffee is slowly drum roasted for a full 13 minutes to extract the full character and aroma of the coffees from around the world.  This creates a refined, consistent, full bodied drink for you to enjoy at home or in the office.

Sustainable and Recyclable

All Mr & Mrs Mill coffees are UTZ Certified.  It is the world’s largest sustainability program for coffee, cocoa and tea.  Mr & Mrs Mill is a climate neutral manufacturer and is committed to long-term sustainability.  Once you’ve enjoyed the coffee, the capsules can be fully recycled though one of our recycling partners.


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